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Uploading Videos to Office365 Video

1. Navigate to Office 365 Video

Login to Office365: https://login.microsoftonline.com

Choose “video” from the list of online apps

On the Video Page, you’ll see Trending and Community categories

Choose “Upload” from the top menu

2. Choose a Channel

Using the drop-down menu, select a channel you’d like to upload your video to (Community for instance)

  • By default, everyone has edit and view permissions for the Community channel, so anyone can upload and view videos in it.
  • Everyone except users outside of Holy Family University can view videos uploaded to the Community channel
  • You have to have channel admin permission to create your own channel. Contact IT to request a custom channel for your department

Click “select videos to upload” or simply drag and drop your video onto the screen

Title your video, add a description (if desired), and click “Go to video” when the upload is completed.

  • It will take Office 365 Video some time to transcode your video into a format that can be streamed from the site. Longer videos will take longer to transcode. You can refresh the video page to check the processing status, or Office 365 will send you an email when your video is done.

3. Share Video

To share, click the video in Office 365 Video and then copy the URL from the browser address bar

Updated on September 19, 2016

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