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Student Printing at Holy Family

Have You Exceeded Your Printing Quota?

If you have exceeded your printing quota, the steps necessary to add Flex Dollars to your Tiger Tag account can be found here: How to Add Flex Dollars to your Tiger Tag (ID Card) Account.

Effective Fall 2017, all Holy Family students received a printing quota of 400 sheets per year. You will have 400 complimentary sheets to use from July 1 through June 30. At the end of each 1-year printing period, your quota will automatically be refreshed with another 400 complimentary sheets.

Your printing quota can be used to print or copy from any of the shared printer/copiers on all HFU campuses, as well as all lab and classroom printers. Sheets will be deducted from your quota when you print from a lab computer, or when you use your ID Card to print from shared printer/copiers.

If you use your entire quota before the 1-year printing period, you can add additional sheets by adding Flex dollars to your Tiger Tag Account, or by visiting the Business Office.

General Printing Policies and Guidelines for Students

  • Shared Pool

    You have one quota shared by all printer/copiers. If you print from multiple printer/copiers, all printing is drawn off the same quota total.

  • Double-Sided Printing

    Double-sided (duplex) printing is the default for all HFU printer/copiers, but not all lab and classroom printers. This will allow you to print on both sides of a single sheet, which helps conserve your quota and reduce waste. You may select single-sided printing as an option. A “sheet” consists of a single piece of paper, regardless of whether you have printed on one side or both sides.

  • Tracking Your Quota

    The number of sheets remaining in your quota is displayed on shared printer/copiers as a dollar amount equivalent to 5¢ per sheet. For example, an unused quota of 400 sheets is represented as a balance of $20.00.

  • Quota Management

    It is a good practice to conserve your printing so you will be able to print your work towards the end of the semester. This is particularly important when your coursework requires significant printing for final reports or projects.

  • Increasing Quota

    You can add additional sheets to your yearly printer quota by adding Flex dollars to your Tiger Tag Account, or by visiting the Business Office.

  • Unused Quota

    At the end of the printing period, any remaining free quota is deleted; there are no refunds or transfers for unused quotas. There is no cash value to your printing quota. At the beginning of the next semester, a new quota of 400 free sheets will be reinstated. Unused quotas are deleted the day the quota period ends (June 30).

  • Refunds

    Please preview your job before printing to avoid unwanted blank sheets or other errors. You will be charged for these sheets and there are no refunds. Refunds are issued only for problems due to defective equipment, such as paper jams or missing ink/toner. Refunds consist of replacement sheets only. Please allow a 24-hour turnaround time (business days only) for any refunds. To inquire about a refund, contact the HFU Help Desk at 267-341-3401 or helpdesk@holyfamily.edu.


Updated on October 17, 2017

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