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How to Setup and Use Turnitin Feedback Studio in Canvas

6 Steps to Creating A Turnitin Assignment

  1. Click Assignments on your course navigation menu
  2. Click the +Assignment button
  3. Give the Assignment a Name, Due Date, and Points Value.
  4. For submission type choose External Tool
  5. Click Find and choose Turnitin LTI (do not load it in a new tab)
  6. Click Save and Publish

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Using Canvas Rubrics with Turnitin

We recommend that you use Turnitin for its plagiarism tool, but grade papers in Canvas using a canvas rubric. To do so, you must create the assignment in Canvas, add the rubric, and save it. After the assignment has been saved, re-enter the assignment setting (Edit), change the submission type to External Tool, and make it a Turnitin Assignment. This will let students turn in the assignment though Turnitin, and allow you can grade it in Canvas using a rubric.

If you try to build the assignment in the reverse order, you will be unable to use your rubric.

A Note About Late Submissions

An assignment submitted minutes before the Due date may be marked as submitted on-time by Turnitin, but late by Canvas. This is because it takes time for Turnitin to generate an Originality Report and send it back to Canvas. During that time, the due date in Canvas may have passed. Prepare your students accordingly.

Updated on January 10, 2018

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