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How to Add Flex Dollars to Your Tiger Tag (ID Card) Account

Holy Family provides students with an ID card, called Tiger Tag, that identifies the cardholder by picture, name and function. In addition to identification, ID cards are necessary for printing from shared printer/copiers.

All students receive a printing quota of 400 sheets per year, which is refreshed yearly. Students who use their entire quota before the 1-year printing period can add additional sheets by adding Flex dollars to their Tiger Tag Account.

Add Money in your Tiger Tag Account

Follow these steps to add Flex dollars to your Tiger Tag Account online.

  1. Open a browser and sign in to Holy Family’s eAccounts page. Your Username is everything before the @ symbol in your email address and Password is the same as the password you use to log in to your University email.
  2. Register by adding your 7 digit Holy Family ID number, as well as your first and last name.
    You will receive a notification that you have successfully linked your information to your eAccount.
  3. To increase the funds available in your printing quota, select Accounts from the top menu and click Add Money next to your Flex Dollars account.
  4. This will take you to the Make Account Deposit page. Choose the Account, Deposit Type and Deposit Amount. Click Next.
  5. Add your payment information and click Submit.

    Guest Deposits

    Guest deposits (available on the sign-in page) allow others to add money to your Tiger Tag accounts. However, the person must know your 7-digit Holy Family ID number.

Updated on October 17, 2017

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