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Copy a Rubric in Canvas

There is no “Copy Rubric” function in Canvas. However, you can use the “Import Content into this Course” tool in Canvas to copy the rubric you want back into the course.

Import a Copy of your Rubric to Another Course

  1. Log into the course in which you would like to use the rubric
  2. Click Course Settings (bottom of the Course Navigation)
  3. Choose Import Content into this Course (right side)
  4. Choose “Copy a Canvas Course” from the drop down
  5. Type part or all of the name of the course that contains the rubric you want to copy into the Search box. Select the appropriate course from the resulting list.
  6. Check the box “Select specific content”
  7. Click Import
  8. Your request will appear in the list below and there will be a button marked “Select Content”, click this button
  9. Uncheck all boxes, except those next to the Rubrics you would like to copy into the course.  Click “Select Content”.  Your request will be processed and the Rubric will be available in your Rubric library for that course

“Import” a Copy of your Rubric to the same Course

What the linked video below to learn how to make a copy of a rubric within the same course.

Copy a Rubric to the same Course

Updated on April 17, 2017

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